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Identity Thief Claims To Be Behind Attempt To Sell Graceland


Photo: JIM REID / AFP / Getty Images

An identity thief operating out of Nigeria claims to be the one behind the fraudulent attempt to auction off Graceland.

The New York Times dug into the mysterious Naussany Investments, which tried to foreclose on the famous Elvis mansion last week, claiming it held the deed from a $3.8 million loan to the late Lisa Marie Presley.

After the attempt was blocked by a Tennessee court, someone using Naussany's email address admitted to the Times it was all a scam.

The Times says the anonymous culprit claimed to be from Nigeria and wrote the message in the African language Luganda. They said they were part of an identity-theft ring that preys on elderly or deceased people in the U.S., mostly Florida or California.

The writer told the Times "We figure out how to steal... That's what we do," adding "I had fun figuring this one out and it didn’t succeed very well."

I was married at Graceland in 2005. Below are a few pictures of my wife and I in front of Graceland.

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