Would You Buy This?: Vodka Ice Pops from Costco

So, look. I try to not talk about alcohol too much on here because I realize that youngsters could read this or whatever. I am going to be 100% honest, though: this is an absolute yes for me.

Again, HAVE YOU BEEN OUTSIDE? It's hotter than a Stouffer's lasagna fresh out of the oven.

From what I gather from these Vodka pops, each one has enough alcohol to hold you over.

Via BestProducts.com:

It was a beautiful day when we found out that Costco was selling Skinny Freezers, which are vodka martini ice pops. But now, the wholesale giant has released its own line of boozy ice pops — so no, summer isn’t going anywhere just yet!

The Kirkland Signature Ready-to-Freeze Vodka Cocktails ice pops come in three fruity flavors: Lime Drop, Watermelon Hibiscus, and Strawberry Freeze. Each ice pop is 100 calories or less and has 8% ABV, which is the same as the Skinny Freezers.

Oh my damn, low calories booze in a replica of an Otter Pop!

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(Photo courtesy of Instagram @aleezma)

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Robin Jones

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