Today in WHY?!: Photoshopped Pictures of Babies with Teeth

Babies are cute, man. I don't know why this is something that needed to be done, but hey...the internet does what the internet wants. Maybe I'm being cynical. I promise that I am not try to be. Just....this is freaky


Amy Haehl, a 36-year-old photographer from Shelbyville, Indiana, decided to edit some of her portraits of babies so that they each had toothy grins. She claims this was ‘funny’ and ‘made her laugh’. We, meanwhile, will have nightmares about these babies and their biting potential for weeks. Thanks, Amy. ‘I’ve made it my mission to try to always put positive and heartwarming content in my followers’ news feeds,’ Amy told BoredPanda. ‘I feel like we are all bombarded with negativity and the depressing parts of the world we live in, and I love it when I have the chance to make people laugh and smile and forget all of that for a moment. I felt like these photos were a perfect way to do just that.’

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Picture: Amy Haehl/coffee creek studio

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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