MAZZY STUFF! Married to the lovely Anna. Or as she refers to herself..The future ex-wife of Dave Mazzy. I have 2 awesome daughters..Mackenzie & Madison. Also, a dog named Jingle. I am shamed when I call his name in public.

I will now tell you the following…..

Watch the movie SEXY BEAST! And no..It’s not a porno.
The Ramones at the Kabuki in San Francisco was my best concert ever.
I love the Oakland A’s & Raiders!
I have played softball with The Incredible Hayseeds for over 20 years.
Kevin Meaney singing “I don’t care” gives me clarity on life.
I don’t meditate. I hang out in grocery stores at 11p. Very mellow.
Raced motorcycles back in the day. Still have my leathers hanging in my garage.
Good luck to you and yours!