Sebastian Bach, Billy Ray Cyrus Help Godsmack Out

Maybe the dudes from Godsmack have been feeling silly or wanting to be less serious in videos or...I dunno. Billy Ray Cyrus and Sebastian Bach make appearances in the video and the band members even did some, um...comedy.

I won't lie, at first I was like, "What in the f**k is this, Godsmack?" But as I have finished the TEN MINUTE video and realized that these dudes have been at it for a LONG time, I began to think that they needed this. They've been in music for a really long time, done a s**t-ton of videos over the years and have probably actually dealt with some of the stuff featured in this video. So, ya got ten minutes to watch a video? Cool, because Godsmack's done this gig for 23 years and don't care if you like this or not. Go on, Godsmack!



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