Brutal Hit from last night


Ouch. Not a good look here for Danny Trevathan. Devante Adams was already tied up in a tackle and here comes Danny from the side with a brutal KO helmet to helmet hit. Look, I am not a professional football player, obviously. I didn't even play in school. I just played some street ball. As a person who has absolutely zero knowledge of this sport, I gotta assume Danny wasn't trying for the helmet here, but was actually aiming lower. I mean it looks like the guy who had the initial tackle was bringing Devante down as Danny came in for the tackle, causing the helmet hit. At the same time, being as I know jack about football, I would have to assume as a professional at this position you would know better than to go as high as he did regardless of a level change. But what do I know? Absolutely nothing. I just know it's bad when a mouthpiece flies out and a player goes night night. So now the NFL may suspend Trevathan and the Packers are down like 5 players or something at this point due to injury. This guy knows what's up. 



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