Bueller in the Morning

Bow Hunter vs Bear, who ya got?

Another fake hoverboard video

Gas truck explosion in Atwater

Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer

Bueller in the Morning

I'm Rock 96-7's morning man. I'll be here every weekday to help make you forget about real life by making the most idiotic jokes humanly possible that are allowed to be said on the radio.I've been doing this radio thing since 1999. I was raised on a steady diet of classic rock until I found my own way into the wide world of Hip Hop. I was molded by the words of Tupac, Dr Dre, Eazy E, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, and the immortal Vanilla Ice. Then rap and hip-hop started sucking big time and I was introduced to KoRn. The rest is Rock and Roll history. I am a father of 2 absolutely adorable evil A-holes, and in a committed realitonship with the woman we lovingly refer to as Circle K. I am also a homeowner...which is totally over rated unless you can afford a maid and a gardener. Which I can't... so my place always looks like crap (Thanks to my kids). I love action movies, mixed martial arts (UFC), the SF Giants and 49ers, LA Lakers, Gambit, whiskey, and porn. I'm not an athlete but I will gladly play a game of pick up basketball. I earned my Spartan Trifecta, but I am out of the mudrun game due to injury.Call: 209-521-6967Text: 50346Email: joeybueller@iheartmedia.com


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